Interview with Brianna Vanderveen

Brianna Vanderveen is one of OU’s many talented undergraduate writers and poets. She recently placed third in OU’s poetry slam. Brianna has agreed to share her experiences with slam poetry, her motivations, and what inspires her. - Sharnita Sanders   Sharnita Sanders: When it comes to poetry, what is your creative process? Brianna Vanderveen: My … Continue reading Interview with Brianna Vanderveen

How to Begin Again: Working Through Writer’s Block

Every writer experiences this moment: you fire up your laptop, pull up a blank word document, finger tips hovering expectantly over the keys, and out comes… nothing. Where your thoughts should be dancing across the screen in a composed ballet of letters, instead they remain desolate and barren. It’s as if your muse has suddenly decided … Continue reading How to Begin Again: Working Through Writer’s Block