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Welcome to the world of Furballs in this incredibly exciting and feature-rich slot from Wizard Gaming.

Match five creatures horizontally or vertically for a payout, and look for huge furballs that count as bonuses.

We’ll cover the various features later, but this slot is all about leveling up your fluffy buns to win bigger and better bonuses.

There are six fluffy lumps in all, each with their own characteristics.

This slot features the spinning reels feature known as free fall; what’s more, you can trigger additional free falls with multipliers ranging from 2x to 6x.

In addition to looking for fluffy, shiny lumps to level up, there are three game modifiers that unlock special features on the reels.

As if that wasn’t enough, this game looks great on all your mobile and tablet devices.

We definitely recommend that you familiarize yourself with how the features work by playing a few demo games before playing for real money for your chance to win the Furballs jackpot.

Theme, graphics and soundtrack.

Furballs live in holes in the ground and come out to say hello. Here is Roland, bouncy yellow; Boomer rolling purple; Anita, who loves to munch on golden acorns; Frosty, ice blue; Sparkling, wild fiery red; and Wiggy, the friendly green one.

This slot is hard not to love. From the upbeat tune to the sound effects to the cheeky furry balls, this is a great example of free slots from Wizard Gaming.

RTP and volatility

This high replay value slot offers players a medium volatility and RTP of 97.71%.

How to play furballs

1. Click on the menu to the right of the grid to access the paytable and other game information, including bonus features.

2. Choose auto spins from 5 to 100 and set your win and loss limits.

3. Use the plus and minus icons to set your total bet.

4. Set a session limit that allows you to play responsibly, then press the big green button to start playing.

Minimum and maximum bets + higher winnings
The rates offered vary widely, from a minimum bet of 0.10 to a maximum bet of 500 credits. The maximum win is capped at 250,000 credits, but you’ll need to level up a lot before you can fully utilize the potential of this game. In the base game, the highest win available is 1000 times your bet when you land 15 or more Free Fall symbols on the grid. Another 15+ such wins:

– Yellow Roland pays 60 times more.
– The purple boomer pays 40 times more.
– Orange Anita pays 15x
– Blue Frosty pays 8x
– Red Sparky pays 4x
– Green Wiggy pays 3x

Additional characteristics

Furballs uses the rolling reel mechanism to create the potential for more wins.

All winning symbols disappear and new fluffy balls appear in their place.

You seek to strengthen your furry balls by searching for symbols of power.

There are three to keep in mind:

– Energy Ball: Explodes fluffy lumps.

– Ball Lightning: removes fluffy lumps in the shape of a cross.

– Viral Ball: Infects by touching the hairballs and removes them from the mesh.

Furballs XP – Create a link between five or more furballs and a glowing furball to gain an XP point. Each fluffy ball requires 20 experience points to level up and receive enhanced bonus prizes.

Free Fall – Three or more Free Fall symbols will award a cash prize and a series of free falls that are similar to cascading symbols.

All free fall wins are assigned a random multiplier between 2x and 6x. With this feature, real money players can play the progressive jackpot.

Furball Traits – Each Furball character has a trait that activates when it reaches 20 experience points:

– Wiggy’s Furball Heights: choose and win a bonus with cash prizes.

– Sparky’s Wild Fire: Wilds appear on the reels and substitute for any other symbol.

– Frosty’s Skid Row: guide Frosty through blocks of ice to win cash prizes.

– Anita’s Nut Drop: Slide Anita left and right to eat acorns and win cash and mystery prizes.

– Boomer’s Mine Raider: Boomer rolls down the path, collecting prizes as the player destroys rocks along the way.

-Roland’s Rolling Hills: Roll Roland over hills and platforms while he collects gems.

Overall review: our verdict

Try free Furballs is a great example of where slots are headed. Combining elements of arcade and social gaming with traditional slot machine gameplay.

4 thoughts on “Furballs”

  1. Furballs is a cute and quirky slot game with a fun animal theme. The graphics are charming and the bonus features are entertaining. I love the furball feature that can lead to big wins.

  2. The Furballs are a fun and adorable game, perfect for those looking for a lighthearted experience. With its cute characters and simple gameplay, it’s a great option for players of all ages. A must-try for anyone looking for some casual and cute fun.

  3. “Furballs slot is a cute and charming game that takes players on a journey to a world of fun and fluffy creatures. With its cute graphics and fun gameplay, players will feel like they are in a world of adorable creatures, searching for big wins. The furball theme adds a touch of playfulness and lightheartedness to this already exciting slot game.

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