The Oakland Arts Review is staffed by undergraduate and graduate students of Oakland University, and one faculty adviser from the Department of English.

Students interested in participating in the journal may register for ENG 300 (45669), a Special Topics class in Editing and Publishing taught in Fall 2016 by Prof. Jeffrey Chapman. More information can be found by reviewing the OU Schedule of Classes. The class meets TR from 3 – 5 p.m.

If you are unable to take the class, but are interested in volunteering in the future, you must be an undergraduate student at Oakland University. For more information, please fill out an OAR Volunteer Application and attach it to an email to All students are encouraged to apply.

Current OAR Staff 2015-2016

2016 – 2017 Faculty Adviser(s)

jeffDr. Jeffrey Chapman’s fiction has appeared in journals including Bellingham Review, Hawaii Review, Spork, Fiction International, The South Carolina Review and elsewhere; essays and graphic stories have appeared in Barrow Street and The Florida Review. More information about Dr. Chapman can be found here:




Dr. Alison Powell’s first collection of poems, On the Desire to Levitate, was selected as the 2013 Hollis Summers Poetry Prize winner and published by Ohio University Press in March 2014. It was selected as one of “Thirty Amazing Poetry Titles for Spring 2014” by the Library Journal and was recently featured on PBS NewsHour’s Weekly Poem edition. She has been a Guest Editor for Crazyhorse and an editorial assistant at the Indiana Review. Her poetry has appeared in American Literary Review, Boston Review, Guernica, AGNI, Black Warrior Review, Crazyhorse, Antioch Review and others, and is forthcoming from Alaska Quarterly Review, Copper Nickel, Prairie Schooner, and elsewhere. She is Assistant Professor of Poetry at Oakland University.


Fall 2016 Student Staff

samSamantha Boggs is a junior, majoring in creative writing. When not writing, she can be found watching YouTube videos or enjoying music across several genres. She is an aspiring New Yorker, eagerly waiting for the day when she can catapult herself into the publishing world.




jessJessica Born is a junior Creative Writing major, and was the summer 2016 intern for OAR. She spends her time whispering to her 14 succulents and cacti, spinning records, and changing her hair color in the wee hours of the morning. Jess also enjoys imagining just how stereotypically hispster she will be when she spends the summer writing poetry at a cafe in France.



sashaSasha Brooks is interested in writing stories and reading science fiction books. She dreams of someday becoming a famous writer and editor. Other things Sasha enjoys include helping people, listening to music from the 70s and 80s, and shopping for mostly anything. She most of all loves to roller-skate, browse the internet, and relax on brisk autumn days.



amberAmber Bush is a junior who is double-majoring in English and Spanish, studying to become a book editor. In her free time, Amber enjoys baking, reading, and spending time with her nephew. When she isn’t drowning in piles of homework or procrastinating excessively, Amber takes long naps near some source of warmth, contemplating life and what type of box she would like to live in after college.



brittanyBrittney Diesbourg is kind of a big deal. She is named after Britney Spears, the extra “t,” according to her parents, is so that she feels special. She is also used to nobody saying her last name correctly. Having studied biology, music performance, anthropology and archaeology, creative writing, and GIS she has been in university for a thousand years and feels the end may never come.



angieAngelica Dimson is a senior Creative Writing major at Oakland University. When free time exists for her and when she isn’t contemplating the mysteries of the universe, she spends most of it crafting various things like: amigurumi, journals, imaginary worlds and characters, and costumes. She hopes to become an author someday but in the meantime, she will take steps to become an editor with numerous internships and supports herself by being a corporate plebeian.


deeDanielle (Dee) Donakowski is a junior majoring in English with a Graphic Art Design minor. She spends her free time wandering between the bookshelves at her local library and Barnes & Noble. In addition to her love of books, she is obsessed with musical theatre and has numerous songs committed to memory. If not at the library she can be found drinking coffee and relaxing with her cat, Skylar.



katherineKatherine Eckenwiler is a senior majoring in Writing and Rhetoric, English, and Political Science, with a hope to go to grad school in the next year. She is hoping for a career in technical writing. Or perhaps political writing, if she’s able to get over her disillusionment after 2016.



willWill Georges is a senior at Oakland. He is hoping to fund an obsession with expensive cheeses with a real job soon.




melissaMelissa Klein is a senior at Oakland University majoring in Creative Writing. Other interests of hers include art, art history and music. She devotes much of her free time to video games and crocheting, but when she’s not doing any of that, Melissa likes reading about D&D, watching other people play D&D, and rolling her own dice to decide what she’ll do in her day-to-day life.



meganMegan Luttinen is a junior at Oakland University pursuing a degree in English. She is also in the Honors College and love to learn new things. In addition to laughing at her own jokes, Megan especially enjoys smiling, reading, and fangirling on Tumblr. After graduating, she hopes to work as a book editor, live somewhere warm and become the proud owner of two pugs.



amandaAmanda Matkowski is graduating in December 2016 with a degree in Creative Writing. She was crazy enough to switch career paths after receiving a B.S. at a different school two years ago. Now she does so much school-related reading that she doesn’t have much time to tackle the growing tower of books sitting on her dresser (they mock her daily).



caressaCaressa (Kuh-REE-suh) McCready is a senior at Oakland University majoring in creative writing. She has two black and white cats named Theo and Molly, and a boyfriend that’ll soon be a fiancé. Her hobbies include: knitting, staring at yarn for long periods of time, eating, reading, writing, cooking and sleeping. After graduating, she dreams of pursuing careers in technical writing, yarn dyeing and writing books.


leahLeah Meldrum is a junior at Oakland University with a major in English and a minor in linguistics. Leah is a morning person who enjoys sarcasm, changing into pajamas the minute she gets home, watching Bob’s Burgers, collecting coffee mugs, the book series Outlander, and sleeping with socks on. Leah has yet to figure out what she would like to do after receiving her degree, but she hopes she’ll figure it out eventually.


erinErin Norton Lannen is a junior English major in her second year at OAR. Her interests include genre fiction, laughing at her own jokes, and dyeing her hair. After graduation she hopes to have figured out how to order coffee without being all weird about it.




abigailAbby Patrick is an English major with a communication minor. When she is not working at the library aspiring to become the next Barbra Gordon/Batgirl, she is on a very important mission to befriend every dog in the world.




leviLevi Raab is a creative writing major anxiously awaiting graduation and working through the crippling existential dread that comes with choosing a career. When not writing he can be found pining for Middle-earth. He enjoys comics and writing in the third person.




lindsayLindsey Strom is an obsessive Harry Potter nerd who may or may not have a raging caffeine addiction. In her spare time she likes to read dystopian Sci-Fi novels, play video games, and annoy her three cats by petting them with inanimate objects.




jessicaJessica Trudeau is a sophomore and is just starting to tackle the world of being an English major (all the reading!). She spends most of her free time blogging, reading, or binge watching Netflix while pretending to study. She hopes to one day work in the book publishing industry. Her hobbies include staring at her fish, named Boris, who is incredibly entertaining.



maryMary Wilson is a senior Creative Writing major with a French minor. She loves replaying songs over and over again, taking naps, and is convinced that she was a cat in her past life. Her dream is to write Young Adult literature one day.