Proudly Announcing Vol. 2 of the Oakland Arts Review

We are excited to announce and share a peak of our latest volume of the Oakland Arts Review! This summer, the OAR staff gathered to stuff envelopes with copies of the Oakland Arts Review Vol. 2 to send to the artists and writers who contributed to our latest issue. As we begin preparing for our 3rd issue, we are brainstorming ideas to make the Oakland Arts Review accessible to everyone who visits our website. We are working on putting a digital version of each issue online for our readers to access in an aesthetically pleasing way, rather than a simple PDF. However, while that project is in progress, we would like to share the cover and table of contents of Vol. 2 right away!

Star Trek: A Literary Voyage

Star Trek is the everest of successful television. While mostly known in the mainstream for its low-budget-yet-lovable Original series (Ft. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy) and massively successful reboot movie franchise (Ft. Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto), Trek is far more massive than that.  As an entertainment franchise it has spanned: six television series at 725 episodes, 13 … Continue reading Star Trek: A Literary Voyage

Hilary Mantel and the Blurred Lines of Historical Fiction

Historical fiction is a unique genre. History and fiction come together and blur the lines of reality. For many, historical fiction can be an escape from the reality of modern times. As an English major, and as someone with an interest in literature, I know that when studying different areas of literature, you also submerse … Continue reading Hilary Mantel and the Blurred Lines of Historical Fiction

Patience is Key: Why Writing Sometimes Means Waiting

Most people are familiar with the saying, “patience is a virtue.” In an effort to be better than our egos, we try to extend our patience and wait for the benefits to fall into our laps. Unfortunately, we’re often discouraged by anything that doesn’t pay off immediately. After multiple rejection letters from contests and literary … Continue reading Patience is Key: Why Writing Sometimes Means Waiting