5 Creative Writing Blog Posts That You Might’ve Missed!

It's been awhile since we've posted any creative writing themed posts so we've compiled a list of our most popular writing posts to help our readers and fellow writers avoid writer's block and stay inspired. First, get started with Music in Set the Mood and Set the Stage: Instrumental Music for Writing In this blog post, … Continue reading 5 Creative Writing Blog Posts That You Might’ve Missed!

Proudly Announcing Vol. 2 of the Oakland Arts Review

We are excited to announce and share a peak of our latest volume of the Oakland Arts Review! This summer, the OAR staff gathered to stuff envelopes with copies of the Oakland Arts Review Vol. 2 to send to the artists and writers who contributed to our latest issue. As we begin preparing for our 3rd issue, we are brainstorming ideas to make the Oakland Arts Review accessible to everyone who visits our website. We are working on putting a digital version of each issue online for our readers to access in an aesthetically pleasing way, rather than a simple PDF. However, while that project is in progress, we would like to share the cover and table of contents of Vol. 2 right away!

Be a Shape-Shifter: Four Poetic Forms to Try

Poems have existed much longer in formal structures than they have in the free-form structures that many modern poets favor. If your well of inspiration has run dry, or you've been struggling to revise a poem and it just isn't working with a free-form structure, your choices are anything but limited. There many forms to … Continue reading Be a Shape-Shifter: Four Poetic Forms to Try