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Slot “Arctic Madness”

Slot “Arctic Madness”

Climate change is real, but for now, let’s go back to the last Ice Age, when most of the planet was permanently covered in ice.

Arctic Madness is a video slot game developed by Wazdan that combines top-notch animation with cute characters, simple rules and bigger prizes than you can imagine. The game also has generous bonuses in a frozen but fun atmosphere.

Learn more about Arctic Madness and get the best start on the reels with our complete game review.

Frozen but so alive

Arctic Madness uses a lot of humor to create an atmosphere that is totally unique enough to break the ice either way.

Drums froze in the middle of an icy lake against the backdrop of giant icebergs. Each cube has a character locked inside the reels and the sharks are constantly spinning around the cubes.

Arctic Madness has a weird and original slot machine premise, but it should only take a few seconds for most players to fall in love with the weird frozen characters and fun animations that occur throughout the game. Let’s see how to play our first bet in the next section.

Icy but so alive

The basic rules of Arctic Madness are so simple and intuitive that even beginners take no more than a few minutes to place their first bet on the reels.

The game matrix contains a total of 3 reels and 5 fixed paylines that show you where on the reels you should try to find winning symbol combinations to win cash prizes. Use the arrows on the command bar below the reels to select your total bet and hit the spin button when you’re ready to play.

The various prizes in Arctic Madness are determined by both symbol combinations and your bet size. In other words, you may decide to deposit a few extra credits to aim for bigger rewards in the future. Otherwise, the double arrow icon will enable autoplay mode. Let the reels spin on their own for a while and automatically place your chosen bet each time. As always, feel free to look around and experiment with settings at any point in the game.

Save the cubes from certain death

Cubes are the main characters of Arctic Madness Casino Gad.bet’s . They are all locked inside the ice cubes and your goal is to release them during the game. All the prizes we have listed here correspond to a bet of one credit on the reels.

Orange and pink dice are the most common in the game. They are worth 2 and 5 credits each, you will need to get many combinations to win a big prize with them. All winning combinations in Arctic Madness match 3 identical symbols on a payline.

Green, purple and red dice are rarer and therefore worth up to 50 credits. But that’s nothing compared to blue dice worth at least 20,000 credits. Each combo on the reels leaves room for more symbols that flow from top to bottom and can sometimes trigger a long chain of winnings.

Big surprises under the ice

Arctic Madness is not just a 3-reel slot with cute characters. There are real surprises in the game that will keep you alert.

First of all, the wild symbol can appear anywhere on the reels to replace all listed symbols. This will help you win more prizes and combinations of 3 wilds can also be worth 1000 credits on their own.

The gift is a bonus symbol. Line up 3 of them on a payline to activate the bonus game. Throw stalactites on the dice as you run to earn extra prizes and win multipliers.

Offer more than you expect

Arctic Madness starts out as a simple slot game with an original theme, but eventually becomes much more addictive than you might think.

If luck is on your side, the main game can easily trigger super big wins and the bonus game really adds something to the mix. Be careful and don’t let the wild symbols slip out of your sight, as they can be the key to the game’s incredible jackpot when you least expect it.


5 thoughts on “Slot “Arctic Madness””

  1. I love the arctic madness feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for fans of the Arctic and adventurous slots!

  2. Arctic Madness is a thrilling slot game that takes you on an icy adventure. The graphics are crisp and the theme is well executed, making you feel as though you’re in the middle of a frozen tundra. The bonus features add to the excitement, offering multiple chances to win big. I highly recommend Arctic Madness to anyone looking for an exciting and unique gaming experience.

  3. Arctic Madness slot takes players on a journey to the frozen wilderness of the Arctic. With its crisp graphics and exciting gameplay, players will feel like they are braving the elements in search of big wins. The Arctic theme adds a touch of adventure and mystery to this already thrilling slot game.

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