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Dragon Scroll

Dragon Scroll slot

The Chinese version of Paradise is a little different from what players in Western countries expected. Instead of a vast and peaceful garden, many Chinese legends depict a vast sky and magical creatures flying through the clouds. You can see such a beautiful sight with Dragon’s Scroll, an original slot machine developed by Wizard Gaming.

In Dragon’s Scroll you will face big payouts in 100 ways and a high RTP of 97.03%. That alone should be enough to grab the attention of many gamers, and rightfully so. Moreover, Dragon’s Scroll has a lot more to offer, we’ll explain that in a full game review soon.

A vision of heaven

Dragon’s Scroll settings conform to Chinese legends. The drums were placed on a giant scroll floating on a blue sky where fluffy white clouds slowly drifted away. Huge soaring mountains also punctuate this immense landscape, giving Dragon Scroll a very otherworldly and beautiful feel.

Good looks are important for a slot machine. An original background and good animation is what most gamers need, or at least make them stop for a second and look around. The Wizard Gaming team knows this well, and Dragon’s Scroll keeps many players away for at least another minute.

Smooth start

100 paylines on 5 reels in Dragon’s Scroll allow players to bet between 1 and 200 credits on each reel spin. This deluxe game will delight all players, from beginners to advanced players. Use the command bar at the bottom of the reel to select your bet and activate the turbo mode if you’re in a hurry. Dragon’s Scroll also includes the classic auto-spin mode that lets you play multiple times in a row with the same settings.

Overall, we found Dragon’s Scroll to be a very fast paced slot game and we managed to win cash prizes most of the time – and that might not be the least of them. With a list of card symbols and auspicious talismans such as a golden turtle or jade, the maximum prize is 1000 times your current stake. Dragon’s Scroll’s medium volatility and high RTP really work together to make the experience smooth and often very rewarding.

What it takes to win big

To make the game even more exciting, you can also find some special symbols in Dragon’s Scroll that will increase your chances of winning even more. The dragon itself is a large and colorful creature that works as a joker. This means that it has the unique ability to replace one of the regular symbols wherever it appears and create a winning combination in the process.

Dragon Scroll also includes some gifts in the form of dragon claw holding a crystal ball. If you land 3 Scatters on the reels at the same time, you will get 15 free spins where all prizes are automatically tripled. During the free games, the dragon symbols will also expand and turn into gold, so you can win as many credits as possible on each spin of the reels.

Other ways to earn free spins

Some other slots on the market like Witch Doctor or Microgaming’s Gold have obvious similarities to Dragon’s Scroll. At first glance, all 3 games may look completely different, but if you look closely and keep spinning the reels, you’ll notice that all 3 have the same generous free spins + multiplier combination ready to unlock some very interesting cash prizes. .

Dragons seem like a good source of inspiration for slot machine developers. This is especially true for Chinese-inspired games where Mercury is aptly called the Chinese Dragon. The free spins bonus is a little less exciting here, but if you’re looking for a little more challenge then this slot is definitely worth considering.

A real mission to try

Dragon’s Scroll will attract the attention of many players with its beautiful graphics and simple rules. The base game is already very good, but when you factor in the bonus and free spins multiplier, Dragon’s Scroll turns into a real ATM. This will only work if you come across some distributions.

We had a really good time testing Online casino Gad.bet Dragon Scroll. For some players, the lack of a defined jackpot may seem a bit negative, especially for those who are used to more classic slots. But with a little patience and extra credits, you can definitely unlock some big wins during the free spins.

4 thoughts on “Dragon Scroll”

  1. Dragon Scroll is an action-packed slot game with a fearsome dragon theme. The graphics are well-done and the bonus features are engaging. I love the dragon scroll feature that can lead to big wins.

  2. Dragon Scroll slot is a mystical and enchanted game that takes players on a journey to a world of dragons and ancient treasures. With its beautiful graphics and mysterious gameplay, players will feel like they are unraveling the secrets of a lost civilization, searching for big wins. The dragon theme adds a touch of magic and wonder to this already thrilling slot game

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