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Dragons of the North

Dragons of the North slot revolves around these mythical creatures that never cease to inspire new releases.

This time, they are being offered a shift and are armed with incredible winning opportunities!

The graphics are so good that you will get goosebumps every time the ice dragon breathes ice, and it gives random multipliers as you play through.

This dragon adventure offers exciting gameplay for both experienced slot machine tournament players and beginners.

Bet Options

In terms of gameplay, this is a standard slot machine with 5 reels and 3 rows. The bet size varies from 0.50 to 25 euros per round, and the RTP is 95.98%.

With 50 paylines, 4 playable jackpots, random multipliers and other special features, this is a highly entertaining game with high rewards.

Royals spin on the reels, and the most valuable symbols are the quartet of dragons. The fiery red dragon is the highest paying symbol. If a 5 comes up on a payline, your bet will be multiplied by 10x.

Dragons Of The North Slot Features

The screen above each reel changes with each spin. In the main game, only those on the first, third and fifth reels are active. The second and fourth reels only spin during the bonus rounds.

These two reels hold the highest prices when the golden dragon egg scatter lands on the right reel. When more than one egg appears on the wheel, there is a chance to win several prizes:

Cash Prize – The player wins instantly in coins up to 100x the bet.
Additional turns. This feature awards 10 free spins and unlocks screens on reels 2 and 4. These reels contain only the jackpot symbol and give you a chance to win a spin on the jackpot wheel. When a golden egg lands on the first, third or fifth reel and the extra spins icon is displayed at the top, the player wins two more spins.
Jackpot Wheel – Gives a spin on the Jackpot bonus wheel for a guaranteed jackpot win. Mini, small, big or big jackpot will be paid out in 15x, 35x, 250x and 1000x respectively.


There is another kicker that can completely change the rules of the game and greatly affect the value of potential prizes.

On any turn, the ice dragon has a chance to wake up. In this case, his eerie breath will fill the game window and give you a random x2, x3, x5 or x10 multiplier for cash prizes at the top of the reels.

However, standard payline wins are not multiplied. Getting a cash prize of 100 times the bet on the screens and a x10 multiplier provides a maximum win of 1000 times the bet.

Theme and Design

Judging by the numerous publications on this topic, mighty dragons have conquered the gaming world. However, Wizard Gaming decided to refresh this topic and make a change.

Apart from the many opportunities to win, the layout is also quite interesting. The dragons in this slot are often not the fire-breathing beasts they were created for.

While the highest paying symbol in this game is the fire dragon, it also features ice, wind, and earth dragons. It’s a completely different look that sets this version apart from other dragon-themed games.

The graphics are great, and so are the sound effects. Dragons are scary and even a little threatening. Since Wizard Gaming is a developer that follows the wishes of its players, all versions are available in the same quality on all devices.


If dragons are your weak point, you should definitely try this game. It has well-executed animation and beautiful graphics, which gives it a strong visual appeal. There are no new or unique features here, but the ways in which they are included are certainly unusual.

One thing is for sure, Online casino Gad.bet Dragons of the North slot is an extremely addictive version with plenty of opportunities for big wins.

4 thoughts on “Dragons of the North”

  1. Dragons of the North is a beautifully designed slot game with a mystical Asian dragon theme. The graphics are stunning and the bonus features are captivating. I love the dragons of the north feature that can lead to big wins.

  2. The Dragons of the North slot is a thrilling and adventurous game, perfect for those seeking a mythical and exciting experience. With its fierce dragons and fast-paced gameplay, it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

  3. Dragons of the North slot is a mythical and adventurous game that takes players on a journey to a world of fire-breathing dragons and untold riches. With its exciting graphics and fast-paced gameplay, players will feel like they are on a quest for the ultimate treasure, braving the dangers of the dragon-filled north. The dragon theme adds a touch of danger and excitement to this already thrilling slot game.

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