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Fruit Basket

Fruit Basket Slot Machine

Spring and summer may be over, but sunny-themed games can last all year. Who can’t warm up with the thought of a picnic basket in a nice park setting? The one that comes with an added blanket too.

Fruit Basket, the 5-reel, 20-line game from PlayPearls, brings a spark of sunshine with fun and rewarding gameplay?

Plum (and other fruit) design

It may not be impressive, but the design is cozy and suitable for a summer picnic setting. The download page has a quick image of a picnic basket on a blanket with the name of the game spelled out in big fancy letters before moving on to the main game. Once there, you’ll probably notice the colorful letters for the first time, consisting of green, blue, purple, orange, red, and yellow. Since they are the colors of the fruits in the game, this is a good start.

Grass is the main background image, a blanket provides additional color, and a basket borders the reels. There are also line numbers on both sides, with more information provided by graphics for each on the paytable page.

The fact that the fruit icons have so little detail almost adds to their charm. They don’t look real enough to reach out and grab, but their simplistic design still makes them appealing, especially since there’s so much space between each character. The basket handles work well. The music is not very good. Its low amount of chords gets tiring very quickly and doesn’t give off enough summer vibes. The game belongs to the provider Wizard Gaming


Like other PlayPearl games, you don’t choose the number of lines, but what you choose to bet on. This determines the size of your bet. It starts at 0.1, which becomes a bet of 2.00. There are also options for 0.2, 0.3, 0.5, 1.00, 2.00, and 4.00. This adds up to a max bet of 80. There is no max bet button, but you can use autoplay if you want more free time. There are no settings for the number of turns, so it’s a simple start/stop process.

In the paytable inside the help button, you can see 9 regular symbols in order from top to bottom, spanning 3 columns. The top of the stack is the 7 symbol, which is on top of the sheet. It’s a pretty weird layout and there’s no reason for it. If you roll 5, you get 30 credits, 4 gives you 10, and 3 gives you 5. A rather strange blue colored grape ranks second with a maximum of 25, behind a lemon with a maximum of 5. In a banana, strawberries and lemons, you get 0.5 credits for 3. If you get 2 of the same, it’s worth nothing.

The paytable is probably one of the most beautiful layouts you will find. You can see more of the quilt found around the edges of the main screen, with a slice of plum, green lemon, and orange below the main details. There are also some additional details in the grass for the background image.

Little spring in your bonus step

There isn’t a huge amount on the bonus side. The leaf symbol, which is part of the most valuable regular icon design, is available for free spins. It doesn’t have 7, but it costs 40 credits, more than the others. With 4 of them giving 15 credits and 3 offering 8 credits, it’s also worth more than any other symbol for the same number you get.

The same characters have a second meaning. They are worth between 8, 15 and 40 depending on 3, 4 or 5. Wild, bell and leaf substitute for everything except the bonus symbol. The light green tint of the buttons with the yellow button making it more prominent is well priced. The black background and white lettering for Place Bet, Credit, Bet, and Bet Per Line mean the game isn’t overloaded with spring and summer colors, but blends well with what’s already out there.

Funny basket

This low-key game won’t win any awards for originality or intrigue, and it’s notably lacking in high payouts and a variety of bonuses. But it was well designed and fun and easy to play. Free coins in Funny BasketĀ 

4 thoughts on “Fruit Basket”

  1. I learned about this slot on streams. He was often ordered by the audience. It’s cool that you can accumulate and launch the bonus whenever you want.

  2. Fruit Basket is a classic and straightforward slot game with a simple and timeless fruit theme. The graphics are clean and the gameplay is easy to understand. I love the fruit basket feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a traditional and enjoyable slot experience.

  3. The Fruit Basket is a classic and enjoyable game, perfect for those looking for a simple and straightforward gaming experience. With its bright colors and recognizable fruits, it’s a great option for players of all ages.

  4. Fruit Basket slot is a classic and simple game that offers players the chance to win big with its colorful graphics and traditional gameplay. Players will feel like they are spinning the reels at a traditional slot machine, trying to hit the jackpot. The fruit basket theme adds a touch of nostalgia and simplicity to this already thrilling slot game

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