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Las Cucas Locas slot machine

Las Cucas Locas slot machine

Go to Mexico with Las Cucas Locas, Wizard Gaming online slot!

In a land of spicy fun, you’ll be surrounded by everything from cacti to tequila as you spin the reels to play for instant cash prizes.

But will you be shaking your maracas to celebrate, or will you be left with a prickly feeling? Here’s everything you need to know about Las Cucas Locas by Wizard Gaming.

Shake your Mariachi

As you fire up Las Cucas Locas Wizard Gaming, the cheerful cartoon characters and passionate Mariachi music in the background can’t help but cheer you up. As you spin the reels, a Mariachi band kicks in, adding extra speed to the action-packed gameplay.

And it’s not just the music, it’s distinctly Mexican; you will play in the middle of the desert with a sandy landscape and two spiky cactuses that make the reels. With azure blue skies and terracotta rocks, you’ll be instantly transported to the land of tequila and fun.

Here’s what you’ll see on the reels: lots of Mexican-themed symbols you’ll instantly recognize. From a bottle of tequila to cacti, sombreros, maracas, chili and tacos, there’s everything you’d expect.

The graphics are cartoon-like, but bright, vivid and detailed, which adds to the fun of this game.

There are also some nice touches, like the Spin button, which isn’t your usual round switch, but a coiled rattlesnake holding a maraca on its tail!

Tequila treasure

Before you start shaking the maracas in earnest, take the time to check out the payout table to see what rewards are on offer.

You need to go to it via the paytable button located in the upper left corner of the reels.

A beautiful senorita shyly holding a fan is the top prize, offering 10,000 wins for matching five identical symbols. But you don’t have to match five to win; prizes are offered for every spin that matches at least three of each symbol.

Not all characters have the same value; tacos may look delicious, but when you guess three, you only win 4 prizes.

Spin like a sombrero

After checking out the hot prizes on offer, return to the main game and get ready to spin the reels to the swinging beat of Mariachis.

But before you do, you need to set your betting options so you know exactly what you’re playing with.

Las Cucas Locas has 5 reels and a maximum of 25 paylines, but you don’t have to play them all. The area below the reels shows how many paylines you have activated, but you can easily change this by clicking the small number buttons on the left and right of the screen.

You can change the coin value as well as the number of paylines by clicking the plus and minus arrows in the lower left corner of the screen. This allows you to change your bet from a minimum of 0.1 to a maximum of 0.4. This may seem relatively low, but when all paylines are activated, you will be playing for 10.00 per spin. On the other hand, you can bet as low as 0.1 per spin.

In addition to trying to match the usual characters, check out the additional features it offers.

The scatter symbol pays if you land at least three anywhere on the screen, but the more you land, the higher the reward. The scatter is a multiplier that pays x5, x35 or x100 for 3, 4 or 5 spins respectively.

The wild symbol substitutes for all other symbols on the board except the scatter and the bonus, helping to create easier winning combinations. In addition, it multiplies any win line on the playing field by a randomly chosen x2, x5 or x10!

Finally, the bonus symbol unlocks a special secret game if you match at least three. This bonus game offers a guaranteed win by multiplying the bet to get a prize.

Jump like a Mexican bean

Free for play Las Cucas Locas by Wizard Gaming is a game filled to the brim with Mexican symbols, making it an upbeat and dynamic video slot. There are plenty of features that aren’t overly complicated, as well as good rewards on offer, making it a suitable choice for players of all levels.

4 thoughts on “Las Cucas Locas slot machine”

  1. Las Cucas Locas is a colorful and lively slot game with a fun Mexican theme. The graphics are well-done and the bonus features are entertaining. I love the dancing cucarachas feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for fans of quirky and unique slot games.

  2. Las Cucas Locas is a fun and lively game, perfect for those looking to add some excitement to their day. With its catchy music and fast-paced gameplay, it’s sure to get your toes tapping and your heart racing. A must-try for anyone looking to try their luck and have a good time.

  3. Las Cucas Locas is a colorful and lively slot game that takes players on a journey to a world of fun and festivities. With its exciting graphics and fast-paced gameplay, players will feel like they are at a Mexican fiesta, searching for big wins. The Mexican theme adds a touch of spice and energy to this already thrilling slot game.

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