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Lucky Keno

Lucky Keno

Keno comes in many shapes and forms, in the case of Wizard Gaming Lucky Keno, it’s luck. Only time will tell if luck will be on your side in this game. However, if you are superstitious, you may conclude that you are more likely to win in a game that has the word “lucky” in its name. Although this is a mobile game, you may find that it will not work on some devices such as Android or iPhone. Similarly, on desktop, you should try to load the game in the Chrome browser, which is not great on Flash.

The moment you download Wizard Gaming Lucky Keno – if it’s downloaded for you – you’ll be presented with a game icon that advises you to play 10 numbers at once. That’s because it ensures you’re presented with all three lucky numbers, and if you can help, you’ll want them in the game as they pave the way for the big money multiplier wheel to spin. Aesthetically, Lucky Keno is a sleek game with a blue gradient and a slightly curved board that adds depth to the game.

Do you know Lucky Keno ?

On a 10×8 board, a lot of numbers are staring at you, any of which could be your next pick and your next winner. Before you start picking numbers, you need to set your bet level. This can vary from 0.01 to 10 coins. How you want to approach this game is up to you, although keno is a game that tends to be more generous the more you bet. This can probably be said for most online casino games, but keno is the game that rewards the high limits approach the most.

Many players believe that keno and bingo are essentially the same game, while others disagree. Regardless of which side of the fence you sit on (because sitting on the fence isn’t actually allowed and you think both games have their merit), there are definitely similarities. Especially in the case of Lucky Keno, which bears more than a passing resemblance to bingo, especially the bingo model. That’s because you can do the same here by clicking a random button to select predefined templates. These include X, Arrow, Heart, and a few other popular types.

Technically the template you create doesn’t affect your chances of winning, but don’t let that deter you from choosing the template you like. There is also a random button that will let you choose a random pattern for you. At least it saves time instead of manually selecting each of the 10 numbers one by one. The game has an automatic bet setting, which can be set up to 50 rounds if desired.

By the way, there are game instructions that can be accessed by clicking on the “i” icon in the lower left corner of the screen. The explainer is a bit concise, the text is pretty much jumbled up, but if you can figure it out you will have no problem understanding what is required. Your three lucky numbers, if you play with all 10 balls, you will see three of them highlighted in gold. This is a trio that, if they land, will trigger a bonus wheel where some serious cash can be won.

Lucky Keno – Final Thoughts

When it comes to keno games, Lucky Keno is one of the best. As long as you can download it in the browser of your choice, you will have a lot of fun with this well-made game. There are many names for keno and they don’t differ much in execution. However, as is the case with these games, Lucky Keno is well built. The animations that accompany each successful win are masterfully done, providing just enough action and movement to bring things to life without overwhelming them.

In other words, they do their job but don’t spoil the game with their bravado. Each time you record a win, it will be displayed on the right sidebar, showing the number of numbers matched and the value of the prize won. Winnings highlighted in red are good, but gold is even better. Activate the bonus wheel and you’ll have a nice Bonus Lucky Keno pocket.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Keno”

  1. The case when everything ingenious is simple. And visually, and according to the characteristics, there is nothing to subtract and add.

  2. Lucky Keno is a fun and easy-to-play keno game that offers the chance to win big. The graphics are simple and straightforward, making it a great option for players of all experience levels. I love the special bonus features that add an extra layer of excitement to the game. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a quick and enjoyable keno experience

  3. The Lucky Keno is a fun and exciting game, perfect for those looking to add some excitement to their day. With its fast-paced gameplay and the chance to win big, it’s sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. A must-try for anyone looking to test their luck and have a good time.

  4. Lucky Keno is a fun and easy-to-play game that offers players the chance to win big. With its simple gameplay and lucky numbers, players will feel like they are on a lucky streak, trying to hit the jackpot. The keno theme adds a touch of excitement and unpredictability to this already thrilling game.

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