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Ocean Fortune

Ocean Fortune slot machine

Hold your breath and dive deep into the surface of the ocean to explore the abyss and, if you’re lucky, find great treasures hidden in the darkness.

Ocean Fortune is a video slot developed by Wizard Gaming with waterproof gameplay and plenty of surprises to look forward to. Get ready for a simple yet addictive game that can make you rich in just a few spins.

You can learn a lot more about Ocean Fortune and its features by going through the full review of the game.

Deep below the surface

Ocean Fortune is a quiet and visually stunning slot game set under the surface of the sea somewhere in the tropics.

This is one of the best games from Wizard Gaming

The drums are surrounded by a large coral reef and two mermaid statues on either side. Sunlight penetrates the surface and gives the game a soft and pleasant shade. Very relaxing environment, more practical elements of the game are placed on the command bar at the bottom of the screen.

Ocean Fortune has a soft appearance and a very interesting atmosphere that will attract many players. If you are interested in the gameplay, skip to the next section.

It’s as easy as swimming

Ocean Fortune has a very classic gameplay that leaves players with only a few options to customize their settings. If you’re looking for a fast paced game, you’ve found a new favorite.

The screen has 5 reels and 20 paylines representing the exact positions where the reel symbols must line up to trigger cash prizes over time. Use the (+) and (-) buttons at the bottom of the game screen to select your next bet and activate the spins once you’re ready to play.

The various cash prizes available in Ocean Fortune are calculated based on the type of symbols lined up on the reels and the amount of money you are currently investing in the game. Increase your stake size and your future rewards should increase accordingly.

Finally, look at the top of the game screen in Ocean Fortune to find a ready-made toggle to enable autoplay mode. Use it to spin the reels and automatically place a bet to increase the pace of the game and accumulate your prizes one by one.

The hidden riches of the ocean

The Ocean Fortune paytable is full of valuable symbols and shiny items ready to be claimed. You can explore them here and get some examples of cash prizes based on a single lending rate.

Various jewels are the most common symbols on the reels of the game. They come in 5 different colors and cost from 5 to 40 credits, depending on the length of the combinations you manage to win during the game.

Starfish symbols, necklaces and crowns are harder to find but more valuable. When you land 5 crowns on exactly one payline, the maximum reward you can expect here is 160 crowns. You will have to focus on the Ocean Fortune bonus features to get more interesting rewards.

More gold than expected

The mermaid symbol can occupy all the reels at once and acts as a wild card in the game. It can replace all main Ocean Fortune icons and help you earn more. Mermaid combinations alone can also trigger bonus rewards up to 500 credits.

The shell and pearl symbol is the scatter; Find at least 3 of them anywhere on the screen to trigger the free spins bonus. Don’t miss this chance because you never know how many free games you can win.

During this bonus round, wild mermaids will appear on the reels even more often, and jewels will also be exchanged for the rarest symbols. When all these elements come together, you can easily imagine how lucrative free spins can be.

It’s all about free spins

Free coins Ocean Fortune prefers to keep the core gameplay simple but goes above and beyond when it comes to the free spins bonus and the possibilities it unlocks.

As a result, your main goal in Ocean Fortune should be to find as many shell symbols as possible in order to quickly win the maximum number of free spins and start winning big in the process.

4 thoughts on “Ocean Fortune”

  1. Ocean Fortune is a beautiful slot game with a serene underwater theme. The graphics are well-done and the bonus features are enjoyable. I love the sea creature feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for fans of nature and slots!

  2. With its gentle movements and picturesque views, it’s the perfect way to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. A must-try for anyone looking for a peaceful and serene experience.

  3. Ocean Fortune slot takes players on an underwater adventure to discover the riches of the deep sea. With its vibrant graphics and exciting gameplay, players will feel like they are exploring the depths of the ocean, searching for big wins. The ocean theme adds a touch of mystery and adventure to this already thrilling slot game.

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