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Phoenix Gold

Graphics and Theme of Phoenix Gold Slot Machine

Phoenix Gold is set in a mystical realm where the ground is covered in a purple mist and stone structures rise from the ground. These structures glow with a pulsating lava-like fire that can be seen through cracks, almost like mini-volcanoes. A fireball burns above the reels; On the opposite side of the crack, lightning descends and illuminates the sky. It looks otherworldly, which helps secure this slot in the fantasy category.

There are several symbols on the reels that help confirm the theme even more. Playing card symbols have been redesigned to better fit the slot, and picture symbols add more mystique. You will find a golden ring encrusted with precious stones, a scroll sealed with a golden stamp, a book of secrets, and a golden reward.

What these symbols are and what their importance in the slot has never been explained, but we can still say that they are important and valuable. It also has a claw holding a fiery egg and a phoenix with wings spread wide, ready to jump.

How to Play Phoenix Gold Slots

The most popular slot from Wizard Gaming
The setup of this slot is a bit different from others that usually have all the gaming options under the reels. Instead, in Phoenix Gold, the main game options are neatly circled to the right, which is perfect for a mobile game.

Right in the middle is the spin button, which also shows the current bet. If you want to change your bet, you can click to the left and right of the spin button to increase or decrease the amount. There is a minimum of 0.20 or a maximum of 40.00 stakes, which can also be chosen by increasing the coin denomination from 0.01 to 0.2.

Once your bet is set, you can view other available game options before you start. Above the slider button is the autoplay option. This allows you to set between 10 and 100 auto spins, and also encourages you to set a loss limit, a win limit, and a single win limit. It also lets you set auto play to win or stop the feature so you don’t miss anything important.

In this section, you can also turn on fast spin and turbo spin if you want the wheels to spin very fast. Be careful when using autoplay and fast/turbo mode, especially if you are playing for real money, as you can easily lose time and money.

Under the spin button is an icon that leads to the paytable, game rules and settings. You can look through all the features on offer here and find out how much each symbol is worth if it appears on the reels.

Phoenix Golden Slot

How to win at the Phoenix Gold slot machine?
As with most slots, the way to win depends on the number of matching symbols that land on a winning payline. Instead of telling you the exact amount that can be won, a multiplier is displayed that will be applied based on the number of symbols you land and your wager.

The lowest paying symbols on the reels are the playing card symbols. For 9, 10, J and Q, 2, 4 and 40 are paid out if three, four or five of a kind come up. K pays more by offering 4, 8 and 80 while A gives you 4, 12 and 80 for up to five matches.

Picture symbols are more valuable, and the ring pays the least. This gives you 6, 14, and 120 for three, four, and five, and scrolling gives you 8, 20, and 120. The book explains 12, 40, and 320 and the last standard picture character for you. , the trophy will give you 14, 40 and 320 if you roll three, four or five.

Phoenix Gold Bonus Features and Free Spins

Phoenix Gold has some great features starting with the Wild. This symbol is depicted as a phoenix with powerful wings spread wide. The wild symbol can only appear on reels 2, 3 or 4, but can substitute for other symbols to help form a winning combo. When this happens, your earnings are transferred to the Mystery Random Multiplier, giving you even more prize money.

The main feature that Free for play Phoenix Gold offers is the free spins feature. The fire egg is the scatter and is the key to winning up to 25 free spins. This can be triggered when you land three or more scatters on the reels, and if you land three, four or five scatters, the bet will be increased further by 2x, 5x and 20x. After activating the function, you will be able to customize the game according to your preferences.

4 thoughts on “Phoenix Gold”

  1. Phoenix Gold is a fiery and thrilling slot game with a mythical theme. The graphics are top-notch and the bonus features are engaging. I love the phoenix feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for fans of mythology and slots!

  2. The Phoenix Gold is a breathtaking and thrilling ride, perfect for those seeking a rush of adrenaline. With its high speeds and sharp turns, it’s sure to get your heart racing.

  3. Phoenix-Gold slot takes players on a journey to the mystical world of the Phoenix. With its stunning graphics and exciting gameplay, players will feel like they are exploring the legends and myths of this mythical bird. The Phoenix theme adds a touch of magic and mystery to this already thrilling slot game.

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