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Royal Charm


Royal Charm is an online scratch card slot with simple game mechanics. This game is played on a 3×3 grid and the Royal charm is used to enter the bonus feature.

Match traditional online slot symbols such as the lucky seven, dice, horseshoe and cherry, as well as items such as the lucky Chinese coin and the jeweled hand.

Theme and graphics

This game was created to look like a lottery scratch card and it was definitely a success. With instructions on how to play on the left and the amount to be won on the right, the Royal Charm looks like a digital version of the portable scratch cards that have been available for years.

The characters are beautifully rendered, creating a beautiful title with a premium feel. The animation is well thought out, which makes it look like a victory event, especially if it is created with the royal talisman symbol.

Royal Charm RTP and variance

Royal Charm has a long-term average RTP of 85.00%, which is incredibly below average for online slots. Usually the RTP of online slots is much higher, around 96.0%. Best Casino Provider Wizard Gaming. High volatility allows you to win big on every spin. Please note that these big wins are not guaranteed; in fact, they don’t appear very often.

How to play Royal Talisman?

The paytable is always displayed on the right side of the reels and provides all the necessary information about winnings before placing a bet in the game.
Below the middle column of the panels is the ratio display. This can be changed by clicking the – and + icons. At the minimum and maximum levels, the corresponding buttons are displayed in gray, which means that they can no longer be pressed.
If you want to start, click the play button in the lower right corner of the reels.
At the beginning of each game board, you must place a Royal Charm on one of the 9 spaces. Placing the keychain on the cell that is part of a winning combination opens the bonus game where you can double your winnings.
After placing the talisman, you can click on each cell to remove the cover, or click the “Show All” button to instantly view all 9 squares.
If you want to run more than once, you can select the “Auto” button where up to 500 games can be played automatically. Placement of the royal amulet and selection of chests occurs automatically in the autobet mode.
Please play Royal Charm responsibly by setting a reasonable budget for each game session. Never play with money you cannot afford to lose and don’t chase losses. When the fun stops, stop.

Bet sizes and winnings in the paytable

At Royal Charm, your card bet ranges from 0.10 to 10.00 with options from minimum to maximum.

Landing 3×7 symbols in any of the 9 cells will increase your total bet by 10,000x.

Displaying three hand symbols in any of the 9 cells returns 1,000 times the total bet.

Displaying three dice icons in any of the 9 cells returns 200 times the total bet.

Displaying 3 BAR symbols in any of the 9 cells returns 100x the total bet.

Displaying three horseshoe symbols in any of the 9 cells returns 50x the total bet.

Displaying 3 coin symbols in any of the 9 cells returns 10 times the total bet.

Displaying 3 cherry symbols in any of the 9 cells returns 5x the total bet.

Displaying 3 spades symbols in any of the 9 cells returns double the total bet.

Displaying three diamonds in any of the 9 cells returns 1x the total bet.

Royal Charm Bonus Features

Before each scratch card, you are asked to place your talisman in any of the 9 cells on the grid. If you land a Royal Amulet on a symbol that is part of a win, you have the option of doubling your winnings. After revealing the playing field, you will be presented with a choice of three different chests. These chests have a win multiplier that will apply to wins on that board.

Treasure chests give you a chance to increase your winnings by 1.2x, 1.5x and 2x. Thus, the maximum win available for Royal Charm is 20,000 times the total bet.

Royal Charm Review – Our Verdict

This is a beautiful game with simple game mechanics and a new scratch card design. The long-term average RTP is well below average, but players will have to match the maximum available prize, which is 10,000 times the total bet, which can be doubled when combined with the Bonus coins Royal Charm.

4 thoughts on “Royal Charm”

  1. Played in test mode. I liked it very much. Everything that is written about the game is true. At first, a little unusual, but very quickly you get into the theme of the game. Now I’m thinking of playing for real, for money… and I even hope to win.

  2. “Royal Charm is a regal slot game with a beautiful and elegant theme. The graphics are well-done and the bonus features are enjoyable. I love the royal bonus feature that can lead to big wins. Highly recommend for fans of royalty and slots!”

  3. The Royal Charm is a beautiful and elegant ride, perfect for those looking for a touch of sophistication. With its smooth movements and breathtaking views, it’s the perfect way to relax and unwind. A must-try for anyone looking to add some charm to their day.

  4. Royal Charm slot offers players a glimpse into the regal and glamorous world of royalty. With its elegant graphics and thrilling gameplay, players will feel like they are in the presence of royalty, searching for big wins. The royal theme adds a touch of luxury and sophistication to this already exciting slot game.

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