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Towers of Olympus

Wizard Games, a game studio that offers valuable iGaming experiences to various global regulated markets, has launched Towers of Olympus. The new slot is themed with Greek gods and comes with free spins, super spins and other exciting features waiting to be discovered. NeoGames member players are invited to explore the intriguing story of Zeus as he spins the reels on a 5×4 grid and greets other mythical Greek gods.

Tower of Olympus performance overview:

Drums: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 1024
RTP: 96.36%/93.86/88.18%
Hit Rate: 19.91%
Max win: x6077
Volatility: medium-high
Minimum to maximum ratio: 0.20-100

Trigger Super Spins with Blue Mystery Towers

The graphics of the game have been designed with the theme of Greek mythology in mind, with beautiful details players will encounter various symbols from low paying symbols such as card suits with payouts of 1x the initial bet for a complete combination. , with an average payout. symbols such as helmets, shields and horns, with a double bet to make five identical symbols appear, as well as high paying symbols like Hera and Zeus. The two gods mentioned above pay 10x the initial bet for a complete combination.

Players who manage to land at least one or up to two Blue Mystery Towers symbols on any of the reels will see them turn into random symbols, mix with other symbols and trigger winning combinations. When Blue Mystery Rigs appear on the reels, they turn into Golden Mystery Rigs and are included in the Super Spins round.

Meanwhile, the Golden Mystery Towers appear to be pushed up to perfectly match the size of the tallest symbol. Players get a series of super spins based on the actual number of rows on the reel. With each new super spin, the Golden Mystery Towers get smaller and a mysterious symbol appears inside them.

Scatters trigger free spins mode

The new game, which Wizard Games General Manager Joey Hurtado says is “attractively presented”, also comes with a special free spins mode. When there are three to five Scatters, players receive eight, 12 or 15 free spins, as well as a blue mystery tower that is guaranteed to appear on every new spin. Lucky players can also trigger Super Spins during free spins.

According to Hurtado, the Boost option in the slot gives players an extra chance to enter the free spins mode. The Boost feature increases the initial bet by 50% and places more scatter on the reels. Players in certain jurisdictions around the world will have the option to jump straight into the free spins mode via a special ‘Buy Bonus’ option. Online casino for Towers of Olympus

4 thoughts on “Towers of Olympus”

  1. “Towers of Olympus is a visually stunning slot game that transports you to ancient Greece. The graphics are impressive and the bonus features are enjoyable. I love the progressive jackpot that adds an extra layer of excitement. Definitely worth a spin for fans of mythology and slots!”

  2. The Towers of Olympus symbolize the grandeur and power of the ancient Greek gods. They stand tall, reminding us of the rich mythological history and the timeless tales of heroes and gods.

  3. The Towers-of-Olympus slot takes players on a journey to the world of ancient Greek gods and myths. With its captivating graphics and thrilling gameplay, players will feel like they are exploring the towering peaks of Mount Olympus. The ancient Greek theme adds a rich layer of history and mythology to this already exciting slot game.

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